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Ignore These 3 Myths About Ductless HVAC Systems

If you are considering upgrading the air conditioner in your Norco, California home, think about going with a ductless mini-split system. Ductless air conditioners have been around for years, and there are myths about them that are best to ignore. Let’s look at three of these myths and the benefits you will receive when you have a ductless HVAC system installed.

They Are Only For New Homes

While there is a belief that ductless mini-split systems can only be installed in a new home, the truth is that they are easy to retrofit into any house. Because they don’t require ductwork to deliver treated air, they are ideal to install in a historic home that wasn’t designed to accommodate ductwork. Ductless air conditioners are also perfect for add-on rooms, such as a home gym, a sunroom, or a guest cottage.

They Don’t Cool Your Home Evenly

Some believe that because a ductless mini-split system is a smaller unit that it can’t keep your home cooled or heated properly. In fact, it is actually easier to control the temperature in individual rooms, zones, or areas. You can install a unit for rooms that are hard to heat or cool because of their location, especially in multi-level homes where the upstairs is usually warmer than the downstairs. Because each mini-split has its own thermostat, the temperature is easily controlled for the needs of the occupant.

They Don’t Keep the Indoor Air Clean

Because each unit has its own air filters, a ductless system traps dirt, dust, and pollutants for each area that it is cooling. As long as you keep the filters clean and have regular preventive maintenance on your ductless air conditioner, you will enjoy a high-performing system that is energy-efficient, keeps your home temperature controlled, runs quietly, and will last for years.

When you are ready to upgrade to a new energy-efficient ductless mini-split system, give us a call at Hush Air Heating and Air Conditioning a call today. We are ready to speak with you at 951-789-4148.

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