Five Types Of Families That Need Quality AC


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Everyone in California wants a cool house with quality AC. The summer is on it’s way and it’s going to be hot. However, some people don’t just want AC, they really need it in order to live a healthy life.

If you or someone in your family falls into one or more of these five categories, it’s especially important that you invest in AC. Hush Air provides the best air conditioning service in Riverside, CA. Our technicians put your comfort and health first and always go the extra mile to make sure you’ll be set up for summer. This is our hometown and we care about our customers as if they were our own family.

The elderly

The elderly need to be especially attentive to their health. We all get more prone to illness as we age and our environment plays a huge role in our ongoing health. If you don’t have an air conditioner or filtration system in your home, your air could be making you sick.


Newborns are especially vulnerable to illness and infection as their immune systems are not yet at full strength. Not to mention that they put everything in their mouths. The last thing you want for your newborn child is a dangerous illness.
Stale and unfiltered air carries pathogens and particles for days or even weeks. Without the natural filtration systems that keep the air clean, indoor air can be dangerous. Keep your newborn healthy by investing in an air conditioning service for your home in Riverside, CA.

Expecting mothers

Babies aren’t just vulnerable once they’re born, they are breathing the same air as mom up until birth, so to speak. If mom is breathing contaminated air, that can make her and the baby sick. Illness is the last thing you want when you’re pregnant. It can cause complications, birth defects or worse. Even if you eat and live healthy, the air at home can still make you sick.

The seasonally allergic

It’s the time of year when seasonal allergies kick in. If you or someone in your house is stuffed up and sneezing every spring, an AC unit can help. Keeping your air filtered and clean will help to purge it of pollen and particles that are causing the problem. If left unchecked, your home air can become a cloud of spring pollen and keep you feeling miserable day and night.

Autistic or hypersensitive

If someone in your household lives with Autism or any type of hypersensitivity, it is extremely important to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and your air free of chemicals. Installing an air purifier and a new AC will help to eliminate harmful toxins in the air. These may be a nuisance to the average person, but to someone with autism, chemicals in the air can be debilitating.

Hypersensitivities of all sorts can be wonderful gifts, but they come with challenges. Keeping your air clean and comfortable is the most basic and essential step to creating a comfortable environment for the hypersensitive at home.

So if anyone in your family falls into one of these categories, give us a call. Here at Hush Air, we take air conditioning service and installation seriously in our hometown of Riverside, CA. We have more competitive prices, better quality service, and more personal investment in every job than the competition. Our phone number is (951)789-4148. Call us today to learn what we’re all about.

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