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“Wow, your home always looks gorgeous! Every time we come over, you must spend hours cleaning it.”

A compliment like this makes any homeowner’s day. Knowing your friends love visiting your home is a great feeling. It encourages you to entertain regularly and helps you love the home investment you made even more. But, spending hours cleaning and hiding away a ton of clutter each time you know you have guests coming gets old.

Hours of work, no thanks

It doesn’t have to be so hard when you have good systems in place to make your home look and feel better. Not only do your guests benefit from a clean and well-decorated home, but you and your family get to enjoy it more each day.

Hush Air Heating and Air Conditioning is a local business founded with the mission of providing total home comfort to our customers. We love making the difference in the lives of our customers with AC maintenance in Riverside, CA. Since 1991, we’ve been able to grow each year from the word of mouth of our happy customers. Today, we have some fresh ideas to help you make your home a lovely place for guests and a comfortable environment for your family.

Hush Air Heating and Air Conditioning

What you see

Visually, you want to make an impact on guests that shows your home in the best light. One of the first things you might think about is the use of color. Colors help define your personal style. Furniture selections and accents that tie into a modern, contemporary, or traditional look pull together rooms.

Remember what you see can also get overwhelming. Even if your counters are clean and your floors are freshly swept and mopped, if you have too much stuff out, your home will feel chaotic and disorganized. Instead of making a mad dash to deal with paper stacks, receipt piles, loose change, and the kids toys before your guests arrive, strategize habits and storage solutions. Have a specific place for unpaid bills and switch as much as you can to paperless billing. Use vertical file folders to store receipts you need for tax purposes and get in the habit of trashing ones you don’t need immediately.

What you don’t see

Your guests don’t see odors or temperatures, but these make a huge impact on the senses. Creating a stunning impact and sense of clean is more than meets the eye. Getting Hush Air Heating and Air Conditioning to do your pre-season AC maintenance in Riverside, CA helps give that calm feeling when guests walk in the door to a comfortable temperature. It also helps avoid musty smells that can build up when air ducts need cleaning. Cracking the windows open from time to time or boiling some lemon slices over the stove are other ways to freshen your home so the focus is on its beauty.

Get the AC maintenance in Riverside, CA that will make your home shine. Call Hush Air Heating and Air Conditioning at 951-789-4148 today.

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