Tankless Water Heaters in Riverside, CA

Tankless Water Heaters in Riverside, Corona, Redlands, CA and Surrounding Areas

Tankless Water HeatersWater heaters have been around for a long time. Running, hot water in the home is a luxury that I am sure many could not face living without. The problem is that with the old water heater types that incorporated a tank, hot water would often run out mid-flow and this is a no-go, especially when you are trying to unwind from a really long, hard day at work. At Hush Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we have the solution for you. Tankless Water Heaters in Riverside, CA are an innovation that has brought water heating into the new age.

Tankless vs Tank Water Heaters

The new, more modern Tankless Water Heaters in Riverside, CA carry with them a world of benefits which have not before been experienced with the older tank type versions. First things first, gone are the days of a huge white elephant of a tank taking up space in your yard. The tanks are not really pretty to look at and take up valuable space. With the tankless-type water heaters, the large tank is replaced with a small box that could even be installed inside. It’s aesthetically pleasing and space-saving.

The Cost of a Tankless Water Heater

Cost wise, the tankless types are much more energy-efficient and cost less in utilities. With the old tank types, each time you require hot water, the entire tank must be heated in order to provide you with what you need at any given moment. Worst of all, when that tank of hot water runs dry, the water turns cold and you have to wait for the entire tank to heat again. The Tankless Water Heaters in Riverside, CA are attached directly to the main water line. When you turn on the hot tap, the water is passed directly through the water heater and heated on demand. You can see how you will save on energy spent. The best part is, even if you are the last to shower, you won’t be left rinsing the suds in icy water.

Tankless Water Heater’s Water Quality

The quality of water coming through the tankless types is clean and pollutant free. The old tank versions are usually steel in composition and you all know what happens to steel submerged in water. Rust and flaking particles free themselves from the sides of the tank and flow with your water. If you are still indecisive about which is best for you, call Hush today and we will gladly clarify the pros and cons for you, making it an easy choice at the end of the day.

Contact Hush Air today and allow us to provide you with Tankless Water Heaters in Riverside, Corona, Redlands, CA and Surrounding Areas at a cost-effective price that will keep you smiling all the way through your hot, relaxing shower.

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