The 3 Reasons Why Your AC Is Leaking Water

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Water leakages can be damaging in the long run for your AC unit. If you see that the air conditioner is leaking, then you need to stop it immediately and find the source of the leak. Call an HVAC contractor who does air conditioning maintenance Riverside CA, to inspect your system.

There can be quite a few reasons why your air conditioner is leaking. Some of the main ones include an overflowing pan, dirty air filter, and loose seals.

Overflowing Pan

Your air conditioner will leak water if the pan overflows. The pan is responsible for collecting condensate from the AC unit and is located just below the evaporator coil. If you see the pan overflowing, check the drain pipe for any blockages.

If the drain pipe is clogged, then it cannot take out the water in the pan. The drain pipe can be blocked due to dirt and debris accumulation. In addition, mold and algae can form inside the pipe from the humid condition within the pipe itself. This can also block the proper flow of water through the drain pipe.

If you see that the pan is overflowing, then you need to immediately shut down the AC system and clear out the water. From this point, you need to find out the area where the drain pipe is clogged and remove the blockage.

For professional assistance and for making sure there aren’t any other problems, call up an HVAC contractor who offers air conditioning maintenance Riverside CA.

Dirty Air Filter

Another common reason for water leakage from your air conditioner is a dirty filter. When the filter has not been cleaned for some time, the air will be unable to smoothly pass through it. This causes evaporator coils to freeze up. When the ice melts, the coils start dripping water.

An additional problem that arises from a dirty filter is that once coils are frozen, the refrigerant inside the AC unit will not be able to discharge warm air to the outside. The air conditioner then stops cooling the room.

To remedy the issue of a frozen evaporator coil, change the air filter. If the problem is still not resolved, call in an expert. It is recommended that you change air filters regularly, at least once every 60 days.

Loose Seals

If the seals on your air conditioner are not properly tightened, they tend to turn loose. This causes the warm air inside your room to enter the AC equipment. When it gets in contact with cooler air inside, it condenses, causing water formation.

The water can also leak through the seals. To solve the issue, ensure it is tightened properly so that there is no chance of outside air getting inside the unit.

If you have tried to stop the leakage and failed, or have been unable to identify the cause of the leak, then you should contact a certified technician offering air conditioning maintenance Riverside CA.

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