Why Spring Is The Best Time To Get Repairs And Maintenance Work Done In Riverside


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When a typical day at home takes a turn for the worst…

You’re sitting on the sofa, scrolling through your phone to catch up with what family and friends have been doing lately on social media. Suddenly, you realize to yourself, it’s roasting in here, am I going crazy? If the heat seems to be slipping up higher and higher in your home you might think your mind is playing tricks on you.

But, when you look over to your spouse and see the sweat on his forehead, you know it’s not just your imagination. Something’s going on with the AC. Whether this situation is feeling all too real or it’s just one you want to avoid, Hush Air Heating and Air Conditioning knows how to help.

A little bit about us

We’ve been a Riverside institution since 1991. Our service is built on a strong relationship with customers. We bring a positive can-do attitude and show up on time. We do careful and efficient work with fair pricing for you and your family. When you hire us, you know we will go out of our way to make sure you’re completely happy with the work. We aren’t a come and go business looking for a one-time cash in, we want to earn your business as a long-term or lifelong customer. If you need AC repair in Riverside, CA, let us be the ones to help.

What’s going on when an AC isn’t working right?

Temperature rises are a sign your AC is asking for repairs. Do you get seasonal maintenance appointments and change your filters regularly? Or has it been a while? If you start noticing the home feeling warmer when your thermostat hasn’t changed, it might be time for an AC repair in Riverside, CA.

Hush Air Heating and Air Conditioning

Check these things before you call

We don’t want to take time out of your day if a simple solution will get your family comfortable again. Try checking your air filter for dirt first. Replacing it with a clean filter will help air travel more freely from your AC to the ductwork around the home. Also, check if your AC is turned on. This sounds obvious, but both the AC and outdoor compressor could get accidentally switched off if someone was working in the garage and bumped a switch or a fuse blew on your power box.

Why spring is a great time for a repair appointment

Summer is the season when AC businesses get busy. Families remember it’s time for maintenance when they switch on the AC and notice extra dust around the home or low performance. People remember it’s time for maintenance because they start using their AC more often. Getting things checked out before the rush helps you take advantage of more competitive pricing. It’s also easier to get an appointment when it’s most convenient to your schedule.

If you think your unit may need an AC repair in Riverside, CA, let Hush Air Heating and Air Conditioning help you now. Call 951-789-4148 today.

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