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Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Leaks in Temecula, CA

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Today, fossil fuel furnaces are among the most commonly used heating methods in Temecula, CA, but using them comes with risks. Because these units produce heat through combustion, you need to know the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Here are signs of carbon monoxide leaks and the dangers they present to you and your family.

Signs of Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Although you can neither see nor smell carbon monoxide, known as CO, there are signs you need to watch out for to detect a leak in your home. This includes:

  • Hissing sounds
  • Yellow flame coming from the appliance
  • Sooty stains on or around the furnace
  • An unpleasant smell

These signs are not always present when you have a leak, making it very dangerous to your well-being. However, other efficient ways can help you detect CO leaking from your furnace.

The Importance of Prevention

A carbon monoxide detector is one of the essential safety devices you should have in your home. In the case of a leak, the detector will immediately sound an alarm.

You can also schedule regular inspections and tune-ups from professional technicians. An HVAC expert will thoroughly inspect your system to ensure that it’s sealed and safe during maintenance services.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Leakage

Typically, the small amount of carbon monoxide that heating systems release in the house goes out through the vent and rarely accumulates inside. However, when you have a poorly ventilated home and your system is leaking, CO might quickly build up, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Some of the effects of short-term carbon monoxide poisoning include vomiting, nausea, dizziness and headaches. Ignoring such leaks might only worsen the situation. Extreme exposure to CO could lead to memory loss, brain damage and even heart complications.

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