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Heat Pumps Are Efficient and Eco-Friendly in Perris, CA

Heat Pumps

Some modern heat pumps have dual-source heat functions and variable-speed or dual-speed motors. They can boost efficiency and cut energy costs. High-efficiency heat pumps have a desuperheater designed to recover waste heat from your heat pump’s cooling mode. Here’s why you should invest in one of the best heat pumps for your Perris, CA, home:

Operate More Efficiently

Compared to combustion-based heating ystems, air-source heat pump systems are more energy-efficient. Modern heat pumps feature more advanced and energy-efficient components and superior energy de-carbonization functions. They use less electricity to heat your home and deliver optimal household comfort. As a result, having a heat pump in your home will save you money in the long run.

No Burning of Fossil Fuels

The most advanced electric heating units do a thorough job of producing enough thermal energy to heat your spaces without emitting CO2 or burning fossil fuels. Electric air-source pumps work efficiently while generating little to no CO2 emissions and the burning of fossil fuels. The move toward maximizing renewable energy use and reducing global warming has seen many homes invest in the most advanced electric heaters. As a result, heat pump sales have increased substantially.

Cuts Energy Bills

Finally, the high-efficiency levels of modern heating systems aid in cutting the electricity cost in modern households by approximately 50%. With heat pump standards publicized in 2011 by the Department of Energy, it’s expected that the world would have saved 156 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity within 30 years. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to consider installing a heat pump in your home. By doing so, you’ll save energy and money. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint.

The improved and more technologically rich heat pumps installed in modern homes match modern comfort and cost-effectiveness needs. They help you cut your expenses on energy bills.. For all your heat pump services, including installation, repair and replacements, contact our service technicians at Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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