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Schedule a Duct Repair if You Notice These Signs

Duct Repair

Your HVAC system’s ducts play a pivotal role in keeping your family comfortable no matter the temperature outside. When clean and in good condition, they deliver conditioned air into your living spaces efficiently. When dirty and in disrepair, they waste energy and money. Here are five signs you need to schedule a duct repair in Temecula, CA:

Excess Dust in Your House

Have you noticed more dust accumulating on the surfaces around your house? It could be because your ductwork has holes, allowing dusty air to circulate. Repairing your ductwork will stop contaminated air from infiltrating your ducts.

Uneven Heating and Cooling

If you notice that one room or several rooms in your house are hotter or colder than the others, there’s an underlying problem with your HVAC system that needs addressing. In many cases, you’ll need to schedule a duct repair.

Higher Energy Bills

Damaged ducts allow conditioned air to escape via cracks while letting outdoor air inside without the proper filtration. As a result, you waste energy and money. What’s more, your HVAC system has to work harder to compensate for the loss. This strains your heater or air conditioner and eventually leads to breakdowns that require repairs.

Loud Noises in Your Ducts

Do your ducts make loud noises when your HVAC system operates? If it’s not because of a pest infestation, it’s probably due to damaged ductwork. Scheduling a duct repair will rectify the underlying issue and eliminate the noises.

Your Home Smells Musty

Ducts with holes allow filtered indoor air to cross paths with contaminated outdoor air, increasing the risk of microbial growth. If you notice a musty smell in your home, it could be because of damaged ductwork.

Don’t let damaged ducts ruin your energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Contact Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule duct repair services in Temecula, CA, and the surrounding areas. We look forward to helping.

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