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Setting Your Home’s Thermostat for Better Quality Sleep

Better Quality Sleep

Easily adjust the temperature in your home with a programmable thermostat. This smart device helps you to achieve optimal temperatures in your Riverside, California, home during the day and night. Setting your thermostat at the best temperature for sleep will help to ensure better quality sleep for you and your family.

When to Program Your Thermostat

Whether you have a traditional or Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, set a program that turns on when you know you’ll most likely be sleeping. For most people, this is during normal nighttime hours. For those who work at night, your program may vary throughout the week and sometimes be set for sleeping during daytime hours.

The Best Temps for Sleeping

To ensure a good night’s rest, make sure you set overnight temps to no lower than 72 degrees. Start by setting your thermostat within this range and note how you slept. Adjust your settings up or down to see if it makes any difference. Once you’ve found the optimal temperature for sleeping in your home, set your thermostat to reach it by bedtime and to sustain it during your sleeping hours.

Energy Saving Options

In addition to using your thermostat for better quality sleep, you can use a fan to help you to feel a few degrees cooler than the actual room temperature. Another option is to consider installing a zoned HVAC system. This type of system lets you keep your bedroom temps cool and won’t waste energy cooling large living areas that don’t need it.

With programmable thermostats, you can have simple, yet precise control over your home’s temperature and humidity. Manage your Wi-Fi enabled thermostat remotely at any time with your smartphone, tablet or computer. If you have any further questions about our air conditioning services, call Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning today at 951-789-4148.

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