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4 Signs of a Bad Evaporator Coil in Norvo, CA

Evaporator Coils

An evaporator coil is an important component of your air conditioning unit or heat pump. It’s responsible for absorbing the heat inside y our home and moving it outside, keeping your home comfortable. If it isn’t functioning properly you’ll experience uncomfortable temperatures in your home. Below are signs of a broken evaporator coils in Norvo, CA.

1. Warm Air From Your Vents

The refrigerant in the evaporator coils absorbs heat from the indoor air that passes over the coils. If your vents blow warm air into your indoor space, then it’s likely that the evaporator coils aren’t absorbing heat as they should. A dirty evaporator coil, dirty air filter or frozen evaporator coil may cause the malfunction.

2. Frequent Cycles or Failure to Turn On

Broken evaporator coils may cause your AC to fail to turn on. If this is the case with your AC, call an AC technician to inspect the system and identify the problem. Further, the AC might frequently cycle on and off and result in reduced conditioned air supply.

Cycling on and off may result from frost buildup on the evaporator coils. The on/off cycles will increase your energy bills and reduce the cooling efficiency of your AC.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks cause the coils to freeze, produce unusual noises and fail to cool your home. Leaks can result from a weakening of the interior lining of the evaporator coils or corrosion of the outer lining of the coils. These factors result in holes on the evaporator coils, which render the coils useless – leaks necessitate the replacement of the evaporator coils.

4. Unusual Noises From the Indoor Unit

A broken evaporator coil may produce unusual noises. This may include clanging, hissing and banging.

Call us today and schedule a consultation at Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning where we service HVAC systems, heat pumps, ductless AC, ductwork, indoor air quality systems and tankless water heaters. We can help you if you have a bad evaporator coil.

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