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5 Most Common Issues with Tankless Water Heaters in Homeland, CA

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A tankless water heater in Homeland, CA, takes up less space and is more efficient than traditional water heaters. Also, a tankless water heater heats water faster and can last for around 20 years. However, this type of water heater must be properly maintained to avoid these five common problems.

1. Mineral Buildup

Over time, you’ll have mineral build up inside the tank. This is an issue that occurs when you have hard water, which has high mineral content. Substances like calcium and magnesium, in particular, are the usual culprits.

A buildup of mineral inside your tankless water heater can cause the unit to malfunction. Flushing the heater at least once every six months can help. A water softener can also help.

2. System Overload

All tankless water heaters have a set capacity, which means they might stop producing hot water or shut down with too much usage. If too many people in your household need hot water at once or within a short period of time of one another, it can cause the heater’s system to overload. For instance, if one person is showering while another is washing the dishes with hot water, the unit can have trouble keeping up with the demand, so it may shut down.

3. Cold Water Sandwich

A cold water sandwich is a problem that occurs when too many people use the hot water at the same time. The water runs cold at first, then hot, and then cold again during the same usage. To avoid a cold water sandwich, it’s best not to take back-to-back showers in your household.

4. Corrosion

Although tankless water heaters are less prone to corrosion, this issue can still happen. When it does, it can result in serious problems with the heater’s function and can even lead to it shutting down altogether. Corrosion may occur if the heater was improperly installed, and it may require a replacement.

5. Overheating

A common issue that can occur with tankless water heaters is the system becomes overheated. This typically happens if there are multiple uses of the hot water back to back. When overheating occurs, it can result in too much heat inside the unit that subsequently causes damage.

If you live in the Homeland, CA, area and need tankless water heater service, contact the maintenance professionals at Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll help fix your problem at your earliest convenience.

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