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Debunking 4 Myths About Heat Pumps in Norco, CA

Heat Pumps

Some people in Norco, CA shy away from buying a heat pump for their homes because of the myths surrounding these systems. Most of these myths are not accurate representations of heat pumps. Let’s discuss the myths about heat pumps and provide the truth behind them so you can stay informed.

Only Suitable for Heating

Heat pumps can heat and cool your house thanks to a unique component called a reversing valve. During summer, the reversing valve allows the refrigerant to absorb heat at the indoor coil and move it to the outdoor coil. The outdoor coil transfers this heat to the outside.

In winter, the reversing valve changes the direction of the refrigerant flow. The fluid absorbs heat at the outdoor coil and moves it to the indoor coil to heat the air in your house.

Expensive to Own

The US Department of Energy notes that heat pumps are 50% more energy efficient than other HVAC systems, such as baseboard heaters and furnaces. In addition, if you schedule regular maintenance services for your system, it shouldn’t break down often, thus reducing your repair costs.

Heat Pumps Are Noisy

When heat pumps were new, they used to produce considerable noise while running. However, modern systems operate quietly thanks to the advancement in technology. If you notice unusual noises from your system, there’s an underlying problem that a comfort advisor should address.

Run Constantly

Heat pumps regulate your home’s temperature in cycles, with each cycle lasting 10 to 20 minutes. In one hour, your heat pump should run two to three cycles. Running constantly is a sign of an underlying problem.

Consider upgrading to a heat pump as these systems have multiple benefits. If you need to learn more about these systems, contact Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning for professional heat pump services. Our comfort advisors will shed more light on anything you need to know.

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