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Have Your Evaporator and Fan Coils Cleaned and Maintained

Checking Evaporator Coil

Your evaporator and fan coils need cleaning and maintenance as much as your heating and cooling systems do in your Temecula, California, home. Let’s take a look at what the evaporator and fan coils do, and why it’s important to have them maintained.

The Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil uses a closed-loop refrigeration cycle to heat or cool the house. The coil has liquid refrigerant inside it, and when warm air blows over the coil, it absorbs the heat from inside your home. That warm air then gets expelled to the outside, cooling your house in the summer.

With a heat pump, the reverse happens. The heat from the refrigerant gets transferred to the inside of the house instead of sending it outside, creating warm air in your house during the winter. Because the evaporator coil is constantly exposed to air blowing over it, dirt and debris can accumulate, thus reducing the heat transfer efficiency. Regular cleaning and maintenance by our trained technicians will keep the evaporator coil in good condition.

The Fan Coil

When your home doesn’t have ductwork, a fan coil unit is a good option for your heating and cooling needs. A fan coil can work in conjunction with your heat pump or ductless air conditioning system. It’s less expensive to install than an entire ducted HVAC system. Fan coil units are mounted on the ceiling, on the floor, or are freestanding.

The fan coil unit is a device that has a fan and a heating or cooling element inside it. As indoor air moves over the element, the warm or cool air gets released into the room, making the unit effective as either an air conditioner or heater. In order for the fan coil unit to run efficiently, it needs regular maintenance. The motor, belts, and elements all need regular servicing and cleaning for peak performance.

To schedule an appointment to have your heating and cooling systems maintained, call our experts at Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning. You can reach us at 951-789-4148.

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