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3 Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your HVAC Unit in Riverside, CA

Ac System With High Seer

Your HVAC system is built to withstand continuous use over many years, but even the most durable HVAC system will eventually need to be replaced. When your HVAC system begins to exhibit issues that are costing you money or causing discomfort, it may be time to think about installing a new HVAC system in your Riverside, CA, home.

1. Age of the System

According to the Department of Energy, you will need to replace your HVAC system when it’s 10 to 15 years old. Today’s systems are well-built, but they work hard year-round, and their major components will begin to wear down after around 10 years.

It’s also possible that your older system is using the R-22 refrigerant, an outdated refrigerant that is detrimental to the environment. If your system is 10 years or older, consider replacing it with an Energy Star HVAC system, which will save on energy costs.

2. High Energy Bills

If your energy bills start showing higher usage than in previous years for the same months, then you may need to replace your HVAC system. Your cooling and heating system is aging and losing its efficiency over time. Performing regular maintenance will extend the life of your system and help with performance, but your system will eventually become less efficient.

If your higher utility bills are coupled with a noticeable loss of cooling, then this is definitely a sign you may need a new HVAC system. The money saved in energy costs will pay for the installation over time.

3. Constant Repairs

When your system needs a major repair, you will have to decide on whether you want to pay for the repair or install a new system. The factors you need to consider are the age of the system, the type of repair and how frequent these repairs are happening.

If you’re calling for repairs every other month, then it’s time to replace the system. If the current repair costs more than half of the cost of a new installation, you should consider installing a new system.

If you need information on what an HVAC system installation entails, give Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning a call today.

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