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5 Top Ways to Reduce Your AC Costs This Summer

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During the summertime, you want to keep your Riverside, CA, home cool. But it can be frustrating to find out that you are paying much more than your neighbors for cooling. Here are the top five ways you can reduce your AC costs this summer.

Ensure Your Windows Are Properly Sealed

Poorly sealed windows can result in cooled air leaking out of the house. This can cause your AC unit to run more in order to achieve your temperature needs. Weatherstrip your windows and caulk the cracks to eliminate any air leakages through your windows.

Block the Sunlight

The temperature in your house can get uncomfortably warm due to direct sunlight entering your house. One of the most effective ways to cut on AC costs is to block daylight sunlight. This can be achieved in various ways, such as planting shade trees outside or closing window drapes.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

During the hot summer days, you can be tempted to run your AC all day. This can result in a hefty utility bill. A programmable AC thermostat adjusts the temperature of your house depending on the time of day.

Switch to LED Light Bulbs

Lighting is an essential part of homes. Incandescent light bulbs may put on extra strain to your air conditioner since they emit more heat. This is an issue you can resolve by switching to LED light bulbs that produce less heat, last longer and consume less electricity.

Keep Up with the Maintenance Tasks

You can ensure your AC is running optimally by scheduling a seasonal HVAC maintenance visit. Simpler DIY maintenance tasks that you can handle include removing furniture blocking the air ducts and replacing the air filter.

For optimal performance of your AC unit throughout the year, you should schedule regular maintenance visits with a competent HVAC expert team. At Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer satisfactory and timely HVAC repair and installation services. Contact us today!

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