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How Whole-House Fans Work to Cool Your Home in Colton, CA

Quietcool Whole House Fan

If you need a better cooling solution for the summer heat in Colton, CA, whole-house fans are worth considering because they’re powerful. These fans can keep you cool and comfortable on the hottest day and nights. You’ll discover how they work in this guide.

The Installation and Setup Process

During the installation phase, installers place whole-house fans in the attic. They’re always installed between a living space and the ceiling.

How Quiet Cool Whole-House Fans Work

Following the installation, Quiet Cool fans will cool a home in about half an hour. The first step is to open the windows as the fans need proper air circulation in order to regulate temperatures throughout a home. At this point, the equipment manage hot air that enters the house from an attic space.

Quiet Cool whole-house fans produce positive pressure, which pushes hot air through the vents. While this happens, negative pressure builds up below the attic, and a vacuum effect occurs in the main living space. This negative energy directs cool air from the outside into all open windows.

Thanks to negative pressure, many Quiet Cool fans can cool a home like an air conditioner. To accomplish this, they lower internal temperatures by up to 15 degrees.

The Benefits

Our Quiet Cool whole-house fans can reduce your AC usage by 50%. If you use the fans more than an air conditioner, you’ll save money because Quiet Cool fans are very energy-efficient.

Another benefit is that the newest fans run quietly. You’ll barely hear the motors if you’re close to the hardware in the attic.

Contact Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning and upgrade your home with whole-house fans today. We offer the latest whole-house units by AirScape. Let our team help you enhance the comfort in your home. If you have any questions about our fans, contact us today.

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