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What Is a Whole-Home Air Purifier in Riverside, CA?


Most air purifiers only work in a single room in your home. A whole-home air purifier is able to reach your entire house, however. Below you will find more information about the benefits of air purifiers and how they work.

How Do They Work?

A whole-home air purifier becomes part of your HVAC system. You can control the indoor air quality and the temperature of your home from the same system. The air will go through the air purifier whenever your heat or air conditioning is on, removing allergens and pollutants along the way.


A whole-home air purifier is actually very space-saving. You do not need one in every room of the home, as it will go into your HVAC unit. It won’t be a unsightly fixture that no one wants to see in the middle of your living space.


A whole-home air purifier will also save you money. You will not have to buy replacement filters throughout its life span, as it does not utilize filters. You will only have to buy one air filter for the HVAC unit in order for the air purifier to work.

Types of Whole-Home Air Purifiers

A media air purifier is best for larger particles, whereas an electrostatic air purifier is best for small particles. There are also electronic filters that create an electrostatic field to capture even smaller, almost microscopic particles. Finally, there are UV filters that can capture toxins and bacteria from the air of your home.

It’s important to keep your family and loved ones as healthy as possible by improving your home’s indoor air quality with a whole-home air purifier. Contact our professionals at Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning to improve your indoor air quality by installing a whole-home air purification device in your home.

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