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5 Telltale Signs You May Need a Duct Repair in Corona, CA

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Your heating and cooling system is only as strong as your ductwork. Problems in the ductwork will increase wear and tear on your HVAC. Here are five telltale signs you may need duct repair in Corona, CA.

1. Odd Noises

Strange noises, such as banging, whistles and humming, may be the result of uneven pressure in the ducts or excess airflow. Ducts may be loose or damaged and in need of repair. Call a professional to see what you can do.

2. Excess Debris in Components

Debris can build up gradually in your HVAC. You should check interior spaces and coil areas in the unit. If there’s an accumulation of dust, you’re looking at a potential clog in your intake filter.

3. Too Many Filter Changes

Your owner’s manual recommends a schedule for changing filters. Factors can include model, season and pets. If you’re changing filters faster than recommended, you want to have a technician come in for maintenance.

4. Unexplained Odors in the Home

If you can’t locate an obvious source of a sudden musty smell in the air, your ducts can be the culprit. Air conditioner use can intensify the smell if they’re uninsulated and collecting condensation. This, along with dust buildup around the house, are signs that your ducts need cleaning.

5. Unusual Energy Bill Spikes

Heating and cooling costs spike during the year, but they’re often associated with the times of year that have the most extreme temperatures. Sudden increases could mean your HVAC system is working harder than usual. Perform a check of filters, refrigerants and fans, or call your HVAC team to look into the matter.

Quality HVAC installation, repair and maintenance have allowed us to retain a loyal customer base who appreciate our commitment and competence. If your HVAC ductwork is giving you trouble, call Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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