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Do I Need a New Thermostat in Riverside, CA?

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Most people neglect their thermostats and fail to perform routine checks. A faulty thermostat can lower the efficiency of your HVAC system and increase your energy bills. Here are signs that you need a new thermostat for your Riverside, CA home.

Faulty Thermostat Readings

Correct thermostat readings ensure that you stay comfortable by providing the preferred temperature. If your thermostat is displaying incorrect temperature readings, you may need to replace it. You can verify your thermostat reading by using a portable indoor thermometer.

Wrong readings could indicate problems with the thermostat’s sensor. The sensor can malfunction due to misuse, old age or a manufacturing defect.

Inconsistent Temperature

A faulty thermostat may fail to maintain consistent temperature settings and drastically change your temperature settings without warning. Your air conditioner may have a hard time maintaining the set temperature. You may have no choice but to replace your thermostat.

Your HVAC system may also fail to turn on and off. The thermostat communicates with your system through signals to either increase or decrease the temperature. If your system is not receiving the signals, your thermostat may be faulty.

Frayed or damaged wiring can compromise the connection between the thermostat and your HVAC system. You can hire a comfort specialist to troubleshoot your system and determine whether you need a new thermostat.

High Energy Bills

A faulty thermostat can lower the efficiency of your HVAC system leading to high energy bills. If your thermostat is too old, it may start to malfunction and affect the efficiency of your system by causing short cycles. Your system fails to complete a full cooling cycle and shuts off earlier than set.

If you have a traditional thermostat, you can upgrade to a programmable thermostat to increase your energy efficiency. It has innovative technology that offers various programming options to cool your house.

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