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How Can I Extend the Life of My Commercial HVAC System in Norco, CA?

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Commercial HVAC systems typically get used daily to ensure that your employees are working in a comfortable environment. Due to constant use, every commercial HVAC system will progressively break down until it is time for you to purchase a new system. In order to make your system lasts as long as possible, keep in mind these four tips that can help extend the life of your commercial HVAC system in Norco, CA.

Maintenance Plans

A routine maintenance plan will guarantee that your system will receive consistent maintenance and ensure that it doesn’t develop any long-term issues. One of the biggest reasons HVAC systems die early is from lack of maintenance.

Better Insulation

You have to make sure that your system isn’t expending any unnecessary energy in order for it to have a long lifespan. If the insulation in your building is poor, your system will struggle to reach an optimal temperature. Upgrading your building’s insulation will take some strain off of your system and will likely extend its life.

Clean Condenser

Your system’s condenser that is on the outside of your building needs to get checked on and cleaned regularly. Having a condenser that is dirty or clogged will negatively impact the efficiency of your system and can cause premature system failure.

Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat will allow you to control your building’s temperature and system output with greater precision, so your system won’t overexert. It’s also much more convenient to be able to change the system’s temperature from something like a smartphone or a tablet.

A commercial HVAC system is crucial to any business because if your employees aren’t comfortable, they won’t work at their full potential. Contact Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning to receive commercial HVAC system maintenance and keep your system healthy.

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