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Consider the Pros and Cons of Using a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater

You may be able to reduce energy costs in your Riverside, California home with a tankless water heater. Compact, wall-mounted tankless units are ideal for smaller households with limited space. According to, smaller units can be up to 34 percent more efficient than traditional tanks, and multiple units can yield energy savings of up to 50 percent. Here are three pros and cons of tankless technology:

Pro #1: On-demand Hot Water

Traditional water heaters are constantly heating and reheating water. Tankless units create hot water as needed using high-powered gas burners or electric coils. When the hot water tap is turned on, the heating elements turn on automatically to heat only the water you use.

Pro #2: Hot Water Never Runs Out

You can run the tap all day without running out of hot water. You can fill your whirlpool and your hot tub and still have hot water on demand. This is a big plus for families with heavy hot water usage.

Pro #3: Equipment Lasts Longer

Bulky hot water tanks typically last for about 10 years. A tankless unit can last 20 years or longer. You’ll cut water heater replacement costs by half.

Con #1: Compact Units Too Small for Average-Sized Families

Smaller units work well in one or two-person households, but they don’t produce enough hot water for a typical family of four. Larger units are available, but equipment and installation costs will be higher.

Con #2: Special Venting May Be Necessary

Tankless units use high-powered gas burners, so they need a sealed, dedicated venting system. The gas burners might also require a gas pipe with a larger diameter.

Con #3: Additional Equipment May Be Required

A water softener may be necessary to ensure that the unit is protected from minerals. Water softeners and bags of salt are bulky and can utilize more storage space than traditional units.

To learn more about whether a tankless water heater installation would benefit your Riverside, California, home, visit Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning or call us today.

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