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Should I Replace the HVAC System In My Riverside, CA Home?

Hvac System

Installing a new HVAC system increases your comfort, decreases your energy bills, and adds value to your Riverside, CA home. However, depending on the system you currently have, it may not be necessary yet. Here’s how to know when it’s time to consider a new system.

Assessing Your HVAC System’s Health

Before taking on a full replacement, take a look at where your current system stands. You can answer some of the most important questions for yourself. Is your home comfortable throughout the year? Do you have problems with humidity or dryness? Have your energy bills started to climb? Spotting early signs of trouble can put your AC through a series of more specific diagnostics to make sure it’s keeping your home comfortable as efficiently as possible.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your home’s central air conditioning unit has a lifespan of about 20 years. If your system is fewer than 12 years old, it’s probably performing well and may need a tune-up. Getting a complete system check and cleaning could be enough to restore it to high performance. Older systems may need more frequent repairs or lose energy efficiency over time.

Repair or Replace?

Most newer systems that underperform need relatively minor repairs or maintenance. Something as simple as cleaning the dust off the compressor coils or flushing the drain pan can restore a newer system to peak health. Although younger systems typically don’t need replacement, there are exceptions. If your system has undergone repeated repairs, or if it fails to provide year-round comfort, you might want to look into a new installation.

For older systems, there are numerous reasons to consider replacement. Energy efficiency is high on the list, especially for vintage units that lack a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER rating. A new system can pay for itself within two or three years. Older systems also cost more to repair and need more frequent maintenance, so factor in these increased costs. For some older systems, safety can be a significant selling point for an upgrade. Older heaters can develop cracks in the heat exchange that allow carbon monoxide to mingle with recirculated air. The risk of electrical problems also increases with age.

HVAC Installation in Riverside, CA

Talking to a pro can help you decide when it’s time to replace your system. To learn more about your installation options, check out these EnergyStar recommendations or call Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning today to speak to one of our comfort advisors about the HVAC services we offer.

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