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3 Worrisome Heat Pump Odors and Noises in Norco, CA

Woman Noticing Heat Pump Odors and Noises

Ordinarily, a heat pump should emit either a short-lived clicking sound when it starts up or a low hum during normal operation. Any disturbing odors or louder noises are pretty reliable indicators of trouble. Here are three heat pump smells and noises that mean bad news for homeowners in Norco, CA:

Ether, Chloroform or Chemicals and Gurgling

A chemical smell is the telltale sign that your heat pump is leaking refrigerant. As further confirmation of this, you should listen for gurgling or bubbling noises, which heat pumps make when they don’t have enough refrigerant flowing through them.

Without enough refrigerant, heat pumps can’t perform heat transfer, so you should seek professional help as soon as you’ve heard these sounds or smelled these odors. Don’t try to replace refrigerant on your own; handling the substance is highly dangerous.

Dirty Socks and Swooshing

If you notice an odor from your heat pump reminiscent of dirty socks or a gym locker room, your system is probably in defrost mode. During the winter, ice can sometimes form inside the coils and other parts of your system because of the condensation left behind, causing a musty odor. To try and remove this ice, your heat pump may go into defrost mode and make a prominent swooshing sound while doing so.

To reliably remove any accumulated ice in your system, you should schedule professional maintenance or repairs. There’s no telling how deep the ice may be sitting, and if you attempt to remove it on your own, you may inadvertently damage your system.

Burning Smells and Banging

A burning smell typically indicates either an issue with the heat pump’s motor or some kind of broader electrical issue. If it’s the former, you’ll also probably hear banging sounds.

If you remain vigilant, you’ll detect serious problems with your heat pump in advance and keep it from failing this winter. Call Hush Air Heating & Air Conditioning to get the best heat pump services around Norco, CA.

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